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  • Keep That Lamp Trimmed ‘n Burning

    Arm-of-the-Sea Theater will present its annual outdoor performance spectacle, The Esopus Creek Puppet Suite, in Saugerties on August 16th, 17th and 18th. This outdoor performance event features larger-than-life puppet characters, shadow projections, masked dancers and various low-tech devices of theatrical enchantment in a series of true tall tales inspired by regional history and current events. This…

  • Historic fog bell installed

    [custom_frame_left] [/custom_frame_left] On the weekend of November 19th & 20th, a crew of volunteers tackled the herculean task of moving a three-thousand pound bronze bell into position on the island adjacent to the Lighthouse. Retrieved from the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers several years ago, the bell was stored at the Saugerties Coast Guard Station…

  • A winter weekend at the lighthouse



    For your reading pleasure…. a recent guest of the lighthouse posted an account of her stay, providing a glimpse of winter life on the Hudson River: A Beacon on the Hudson.