Portions of the Lighthouse Trail experience mild tidal flooding on a twice-daily basis. Any high tide of 4.0 feet or higher may cover portions of the trail. Tides rise and fall at a rate of nearly 1/2 foot per hour. Allow enough time before and after high tide time for the trail to clear. For example, a high tide of 5.0 feet will cover the trail for 2 hours before the time of high tide and remain for 2 hours afterwards. Note to Bed&Breakfast guests: Please adhere to the scheduled check-in time indicated on your confirmation. Check-in time is 3-4 PM unless the tide interferes.

To find out exactly what time high and low tide will occur on a particular day, consult the tide table below or download the PDF version: [custom_button text=”Tide Table 2015″ title=”Tide Table 2015″ url=”https://www.saugertieslighthouse.com/slc/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/tidetable2015.pdf” size=”medium” bg_color=”#669999″ text_color=”#FFFFFF” align=”right” target=”_blank”]