May 4, 2007 in Trail Conditions

Trail conditions: better than ever!

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The nor’easter a couple of weeks ago brought high water and pounding waves. This combination severely damgaged the trail. Sections of  the boardwalks were separated and scattered through the woods. Trees fell across the trail. Driftwood and debris clogged the footpath. Now, the trail clean up from the flood is nearly done. Thanks to Dick Duncan, Liza Walsh, Tommy Bauer, the trail-birds, my brothers Michael and John, Cahill students, and Bobby Dangerously for their contributions to getting the trail back in shape. Since the nor’easter, these hard-working folks cut-up blow-downs, felled dead snags, reassembled boardwalks, repositioned metal bridges, removed driftwood, raked trail debris, picked up trash, and spread gravel.  One trail-hiker said the trail looks “better than ever” and a “pleasure to walk.”

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